Q1: What is recommended temperature to heat style wigs at?

A: Our wigs are heat friendly, it can stand up to 180°C/356°F. The best temperature for styling is around 135°C/275°F.


Q2: What is the return and cancellation policies?

A: Please click here to view.


Q3: What's the difference between Worldwide and USA site?

A: The worldwide site listed our inventory of China warehouse, which ships worldwide. The USA site listed our inventory in USA warehouse, which aims to provide fast domestic shipping for customers located in the United States.


Q4: If I am outside the United States, can I order on the USA site?

A: If you are outside of the USA, although you can still place order on the USA site. As you might see, the shipping provided by USPS might be expensive and not as efficient. 

So we recommend ordering from our worldwide site if you're not in the United States, for better international shipping rates and more shipping carrier options.